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Fire Pump adalah bagian dari sistem penyediaan air untuk Fire Sprinkler dan bisa berjenis elektrik ataupun mesin diesel. Pipa inlet pompa terhubung dengan pipa saluran air umum atau sumber air statis (tangki, penampungan air, danau, dsb). Pompa ini menyediakan aliran air bertekanan tinggi ke sistem Fire Sprinkler dan pipa hidran. Unit Fire Pump dites dan didaftarkan atas penggunaannya, khususnya bagi pemadam kebakaran, oleh badan penguji dan pendaftar, seperti UL (Under Laboratory) dan FM (Factory Mutual) Global. Aturan rujukan dalam pemasangan fire pump di Amerika adalah NFPA 20 dalam National Fire Protection Association mengenai Standar Instalasi Fixed Pump untuk Pemadam Kebakaran.

Fire Pump digerakkan oleh motor elektrik ataupun mesin diesel, atau, dalam kondisi khusus dapat ditemukan steam turbine sebagai penggeraknya. Jika gedung tertentu membutuhkan energi independen dari sumber listrik yang ada, maka pompa elektrik motor dapat difungsikan, yang dihubungkan melalui transfer switch dan pemasangan generator darurat.
Fire Pump mulai beroperasi ketika tekanan dalam sistem sprinkler turun di bawah ambang batas. Tekanan sistem sprinkler turun secara signifikan ketika satu atau lebih fire sprinkler terkena panas yang melebihi batas temperaturnya dan terbuka lalu mengeluarkan air.
Secara bergantian fire hose reel maupun koneksi peralatan pemadam kebakaran lainnya terbuka dan mengakibatkan tekanan turun dalam sistem utama pemadam kebakaran.
Fire Pump sangat dibutuhkan ketika sistem penyediaan air lokal tidak memenuhi tekanan air yang cukup untuk dapat mensuplai fire sprinkler. Kejadian ini sering timbul manakala gedung tersebut terlalu tinggi ataupun dalam sistem yang memerlukan terminal tekanan tinggi pada fire sprinkler-nya agar dapat mensuplai volume air yang besar, semisal gudang penyimpanan. Fire Pumps juga dibutuhkann jika suplai air untuk proteksi diambil dari tangki air bawah tanah.

Jenis-jenis pompa yang digunakan dalam pemadam kebakaran : horizontal split case pump, vertical split case, vertical inline, vertical turbine, dan end suction pump.

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Ultra Compact

Portable Pump Ultra Compact

Nominal output:

600 l/min at 6 bar and 3 m geod. suction height.
Pump output (approx.):

at 3 m geod. suction height 800 l/min at 4 bar; 400 l/min at 8 bar; 650 l/min at 6 bar

at 1.5 m geod. suction height: 900 l/min at 2 bar
at 7.5 m geod. suction height: 380 l/min at 6 bar.

Pump: Two stage centrifugal fire pump. Water-carrying parts made of sea-water resistant light metal alloy or stainless steel. Impellers with split water rings from stainless steel. Sealing of the pump shaft by radial seals. With B suction inlet and cover as well as 1 B delivery outlet with self closing globe valve. Power transmission from engine via automatic centrifugal clutch.

Priming system: TROKOMAT PLUS, fully automatic.

Engine: Briggs & Stratton 2 cylinder 4 stroke V engine. Piston displacement 570 cm³.

Output  : 13 kW (18 HP) at 3600 rpm, with 8 l fuel tank for unleaded or leaded normal petrol (min. 85 ROZ), air cooling by blower, maintenance-free electronic contactless magneto ignition, starting device with reversing starter and with electric starter and battery.

Gauges and controls: Manometer, mano-vacuummeter on the pump. Modern control panel with rotary knob for ”throttle”, stop button.Version with starter provided with ignition switch, running hour meter, oil pressure control lamp and halogen spotlight.

Carrying frame: high-rigid light metal frame with 4 hinged handles and low temperature hand protection.

Dim. (LxWxH): approx. 745x440x590 mm

Weight: approx. 94 kg (ready for use)

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Pump output: 600 l/min at 6 bar and 3 m geod. suction height, 400 l/min at 8 bar and 3 m geod. suction height.
Max. pump output: 950 l/min at 2 bar and 1,5 m geod. suction height.

Priming system: TROKOMAT PLUS, fully automatic.
Pump: Dual stage ZIEGLER centrifugal fire pump, water-carrying parts made of sea-water resistant light metal alloy, shaft made of stainless steel.

Sealing of the pump shaft by means of radial seals. With size B suction inlet and size B delivery outlet with self-closing globe valve, 1 manometer and 1 mano-Vacuum-meter, operating panel with Trottle and ON/OFF button, power transmission from the engine via elastic coupling.

Engine: Ruggerini 2-cyl., 4-stroke Diesel engine, type MD 191, direct injection, air-Cooled, power 12 kW (16,3 HP) at 3600 rpm, 851 cm³. With electric starter and battery as well as emergency starter control, 4 l tank.
Carrying frame: Carrying frame of steel pipe with 4 foldable handles.
Dim. (LxWxH): 825x450x530 mm
Weight: approx. 114 kg (ready for use)

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 Nominal output:   1500 l/min at 10 bar and 3 m geod. Suction height. Pump output (approx. values): at 3 m geod. suction height: 2000 l/min at 6 bar;                                                                                 
1700 l/min at 10 bar. 1900 l/min at 8 bar; at 1,5 m geod. suction height 2150 l/min at 4 bar; at 7,5 m geod. suction height: 1050 l/min at 8 bar.

Ultra Power

Portable Pump 500 GPM

Priming system: TROKOMAT PLUS fully automatic.
Pump: 1 stage centrifugal fire pump with high efficiency. Water bearing parts from sea-water resistant light alloy and stainless steel. Sealing of the pump by radial seals. With A suction inlet and two B delivery outlets with self-closing screw-down valves, all with tight couplings and blank caps. Power transmission via single disc dry clutch.

Engine: Volkswagen 3 cylinder 4 stroke light metal engine with electronic fuel injection, type BVS. Output: 45 kW (61 HP) at 5200rpm. Piston displacement: 1200 cm³. Cooling by closed cooling water circuit with heat exchanger and additional cooler (patented). Electronic 2 stage rpm limitation for suction and max. rpm acting on the injection system, contactless battery ignition, maintenance-free valve operation by hydraulic tappet.
Starter: electric start (optional cable starter).
Symmetric plastic lining. 20 l fuel tank for unleaded premium grade gasoline (RON 95) for one hour at 1500 l/min and 10 bar or regular gasoline (RON 91).
Gauges and controls: All controls are integrated functionally in the panelling, with improved operability thanks to a clear multi-function display for the following functions:
Graphic tank indication with spare warning light, rpm counter and control light for suction rpm limitation, working hour recorder as well as warning and control lights for cooling water, oil pressure and charging control. Furthermore excess pressure gauge, excess-under pressure gauge and the engine control elements are integrated in the panelling. Clutch lever between pump and engine cowling.                                                                                                                       Lighting: 1 Halogen spotlight, telescopic.                                                         

Carrying frame: high-strength light metal frame with 4 hinged and turnable grips with gummed guard against cold.                                                                                                               

Dim. (LxWxH): approx. 1042x710x820 mm
Weight: approx. 195 kg (ready for operation, with full tank). Approx. 173 kg (Dry weight)

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ZIEGLER Fire Fighting Equipments


AWG Fire Fighting Fittings

In the midst of routine working environment from specified industries field, the factors of healthy and safety environment have been put normatively as the main standard of operations. We can categorize the industry which has closely impact with the hazardous risks, as followed:

  1. Oil and Gas Companies
  2. Chemical Companies
  3. Electrical Companies
  4. Mining Company
  5. Manufacturing Companies
  6. Constructions

 Having the operations and the operators run safely means saving and protecting many aspects. Manpower is the basic resources that ought to be seen as the primary investment, since a lot of efforts and times have been spent to produce the best workers for creating the industries stand on the best market. Second is the material resources as the main core of production that needs to be secured after and before operating. Inevitably, in the working times, fire accidents are unavoidable risks. But it surely can be minimized from the severe aftermaths. By putting the right procedures and the right facilities.

 Here we are : PT Erindo Megah Prima, since 1981, have been established to support the needs of safety fire fighting precautionary facilities. Serving the best products from one of the world best industrial country origin : Germany. Ziegler & AWG; from various portable fire pumps to fire fighting equipment. Recognized as the supplier of the qualified products and admitted internationally had became our trusted reputation for years.

 We notified that many options are widely ready to serve you with the right ones. But as many options are served, not many as well is right to cope with your requirements. Allow us, PT ERINDO MEGAH PRIMA, having this best opportunity to serve and working in partnership with Your Company by preparing this proposal. Hopping to meet the goal with you.

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